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Friday, May 1, 2009

World, Hear Ye!


Kudos to you Madam!

Susan Boyle 25 years ago. (Thanks to the person who uploaded this video)

Who would ever thought that this woman's dream would turn into a reality after 25 long years?!...

I've got goosebumps and I get teary-eyed when I watch Susan Boyle's video. Why the heck? I am overjoyed! I am overjoyed because this woman's dream is turning into a reality. The very dream she has had is the very dream that most of us have. The time has come that she needs to wait no more, the spotlight is on her now and what she has to do is to grab the microphone and sing her heart out. I wish she knew 100% how inspired everyone is because of her story. Though it took quite a long time for her to be recognized, I think it was worth the wait and the struggle. I just feel a little bit disappointed to the culture we have that some who have the MONEY and the BODY and the FACE make it UP there FIRST, and the talent is just, well, a bonus if there is.

Anyway, I don't want to continue my article with this sentiment. For me, I primarily want to acknowledge this wonderful gift to the world. This woman, who on her own little way, makes everyone realize that it is never too late to continue dreaming and to never stop reaching for that goal. For people with true talents, there will never be any boundaries or limitations.

Kudos to you Madam Susan!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yes there is! No, there isn't!

I heard many stories in my life from all sorts of ways. However, there is this one story I heard from a pastor that really touched me from within. But before sharing the story, lemme give you a little background of one of the greatest battles I have in my life:

One of the dearest persons in my life is an atheist. I don't condemn his kind, it is just that, now that I learned to know the truth about me, as a human being created by our ever Loving God, being able to feel his divine embrace and care, being able to know that I belong to Him as His child, that my life was redeemed because of His grace and love... WHO AM I NOT TO SHARE THIS GOOD NEWS? HOW SELFISH I AM NOT TO TELL THIS TRUTH TO OTHER PEOPLE!

I have this responsibility in me that pushes me to tell this good news to the person that I really care about. I struggled and got into so many conflicts and contradictions with him. I researched painstakingly for facts to present to him just to prove that God truly exists, for that is our primary source of argument. As a baby Christian, I was not patient enough and failure always approached me. I always fall into the enemy's (satan) trap and that is to fight with the other person, most of the time, violently like at the end of the heated argument, I just find myself crying because of too much anger and feeling really guilty because of uttering and throwing piercing words. I felt like I was a hypocrite as what he perceived me to be, not being able to be patient and objective. I felt guilty because I acted as if I didn't represent God in any way. I felt as if I was a soldier by words and not by faith. Oh I just felt so guilty and ashamed before God. Then, I tried to question myself, maybe I wasn't ready for the battle. And the battle shouldn't be basically in that form. I realized I wasn't prepared...

But how??? I prayed persistently to God, day in and day out, asking for His guidance to win over the battle or at least win over my weaknesses...

Until one day, I heard a story from a pastor about two inseparable friends. They were inseperable since they were young until they graduated from college. One was a believer, and one was not, which was not a big deal at that time. They shared everything, from food to clothes to books, to money, name it. Until they went their separate ways. The nonbeliever after so many years was converted to Christian and at one occasion, the two friends met again. They became nostalgic of the past and the once non-believer said that he felt a little bad for his friend for not sharing one thing to Him which for him is the greatest of all. And that is... not being able to tell him that God loves him. Suddenly after hearing that, the friend who has been a believer from the start, felt mixed emotions. He felt guilty for his shortcoming as well as happy for the conversion of his friend.

When I heard about this story, well, I think I cried a thousand oceans. I should've told him that "God loves him" which I suppose he hasn't felt from the people whom he expected would love him. Instead of pushing the idea that God exists, I realized that I should've told him that God loves him and He wants him to take the path towards Him. Instead of representing anger, I should've represented and shared God's love and not fret and other kinds of reservations. Mea culpa! I was rebuked. God has given me so much love through the people who love me but as for him, he didn't feel that much loved as I did. That maybe is the reason that he doesn't consider God as his creator. I think I owe him(my friend) and HIM a big one.

Until now, he hasn't accepted the idea of God's existence even though I told him the story and the truth about God. But I am still optimistic. God works in wondrous ways and I am waiting for His time to come. I know he doesn't forsake my prayers.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

An Honest Intro (Welcome to My Blog!!!)

It took a long while for me to think of the best over-all concept for this blog. I had been painstakingly considering some topics that would best interest the readers but I failed several times. Maybe because I was becoming too perfectionist that I forgot the real deal which is my real intention for creating this on the net. At first, of course since this is my first time to launch a blog, I was too ecstatic that I considered having a profound topic, spending hours on the net and on the biggest bookstore in town just to find something reflective. I had my butt and my feet calloused and my eyes run out of good vision, just to find the best and excellently distinctive concept which can "put my site on the pedestal".
Running out of ideas, energy and money, I stayed in the privacy of my room. Just when I was in the verge of giving up, I asked myself what my real reason was for creating my own blog. Is that merely to tell the whole world how good I am? I felt suddenly rebuked by my own thoughts. There should be a reason much deeper than that. Making the best impression to others is nothing but superficiality, the happiness it will create will expire so quickly since the intention was not sincere in the first place. Who am I anyway? There's a lot out there who are better than me. I am not demeaning myself now. I have come to realize that people naturally want to brag about themselves that they do not even think that they are mere annoyance, instead of an inspiration.
Yes, inspiration... Millions and millions of people are in poverty, in great mishaps... however, there are some people who think of themselves, their ego, their pride (just like me, a few hours ago). People who are in desperate situations whether physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually, or in any other way, need to have this sweet nudge to remind them that life will become even more bitter for them if they will just bury their heads on the ground, without seeing the brighter side of life.
Maybe, you, yes YOU... maybe you are one of them. Come on! Try to cheer up! Open up eyes a little more. Negative self-talk gives no answer to your problems. My life is not perfect as well, for I too, am struggling. I ain't a superhero, the way that you're not. Or like Frosty the Snowman who feels nothing (I suppose...). But I can inspire you to look for those little ways to make your day positive just like what I would like to do to mine.
Whoah! For a few days, I have searched high and low for a good topic, but the answer as I realized is just within within me. Let me share the Bible verse that's quietly scribed in my organizer: (Proverbs 16:3) "Commit to the Lord, whatever you do and your plans will succeed."
I think that says it all... (Welcome to my blog!!!)